The space code

Leia and the Tardigrades crack the space code

Join us on a journey in space together with Leia and the Tardigrades!

"Leia and the Tardigrades - a journey of discovery in space" is a teaching material in the form of a space adventure created by Kodcentrum, Mattecentrum and the Swedish National Space Agency. Students get to accompany Leia and the tardigrades on a space adventure where Mars is their final destination. To reach their destination, the students must help the tardigrades overcome a range of challenges along the way.

Programming + maths + space = The Space Code!

"Leia and the tardigrades crack the space code" is composed of an adventure that takes place in space. It has 5 chapters which include programming and mathematics tasks for the students to solve and some questions about the space. The students will tag along the tardigrades Obi, Wan, and Zen. They will travel with the Swedish satellite Mats and will need to save the satellite from colliding with junks that are found in space. They will also receive help from their friend Leia and complete their journey towards Mars.

The Space Code is an interdisciplinary teaching material for Grades 4-6 produced by Kodcentrum, Mattecentrum, and the Swedish National Space Agency. You can find the story and the tasks in Kodboken. You can also download the student and teacher guides as printable PDFs.

Leia and the tardigrades crack the space code – Student material

Leia and the tardigrades crack the space code – Teaching material

The material is also available in Swedish, Rymdkoden, if your class wants to cooperate with a class in Sweden.

Students and teachers about the Space code

During the trial, we tested the material with some students and teachers.

Here are some of the testimonies of the students on the Space code:

"When we were done(coding), it was sad because you just want to keep on coding and make everything work." – Julian & Elias

"I don't actually need to say much. For example, if someone thinks something goes fast, they usually find it fun. I think it went very fast today." – Lovisa

This is what the teachers thought of the Space code being used in their classrooms:

"There were very clear instructions that one could easily follow. Although my students haven't worked so much with it yet, I think the tasks are very good(for them)."

"It was fun to have different themes for the tasks. They get a story-line behind the Swedish(astronomy), mathematics and space coding. It becomes a complete task that one can work with."

Mission overview

An overview of the missions within the theme.