Lesson overview The Space Code

The space code is divided into five missions with different focuses. In each assignment there is something new to learn about space, a math task and a coding task.

Mission 1

  • What do you know about space?

  • Build your space rocket from geometric shapes.

  • Code your space rocket.

  • What is space junk and the satellite Mats?

  • How much does space junk weigh?

  • Code a game about space junk.

  • What do you know about satellites?

  • Make a game plan for the moon trip.

  • Code your trip to the moon.

  • What do you know about the moon and Mars?

  • When is the best time to land on Mars?

  • Code a simulator for the Mars landing.

  • What do you know about life in space and research on Mars?

  • Build a society where we thrive.