Mission 1: The Space Rocket

During this task, you're first going to learn a couple of things about the space. Then you'll build your own spaceship by using paper and geometrical figures. Lastly, you're going to program your own spaceship which is going to launch into space.

Space task

What do you know about space?

Obi, Wan and Zen have accidentally gone into space with the satellite Mats!

Start by reading Chapter 1 of Leia and the tardigrades in the Space Code – student material.

Your space adventure begins now! We have created some questions for you to answer, so the experience won't be too scary. We believe that you would feel safer if you knew who you are going into space with and a few facts about space.

You will find all the answers in chapter 1 of the story.

Questions to answer

1. What type of creatures are tardigrades?

2. What is the atmosphere and what is it made from?

3. Write down three facts about space rockets.

Something to think about

What would you explore if you had your own space rocket? Write about it and draw some pictures.

Math assignment

Before you can begin your journey into space, you must have a space rocket to ride in.

In the math task, you are going to build your very own space rocket using geometric figures. The first thing that must be done is to gather the materials needed before construction can begin. When all the materials are in place, the parts must be assembled into a space rocket. The last thing you do is design the space rocket.

The math assignment has four levels, decide what suits your class best.

Math assignment – Build your own space rocket.

Code task

Code your space rocket

Now it's time to draw a space rocket in Scratch and program it to go into space.