Mission 3: Journey to the moon

For this task, you are going to write a space code where your rocket will travel between earth and moon. Before you start programming your game, you should create a plan on how your journey will take place. Now it is up to you to solve the challenge!

Space task

What do you know about satellites and the moon?

Help Obi, Wan and Zen reach the earth's natural satellite!

Start by reading chapter 3 of Leia and the tardigrades crack the Space Code – student material.

When a trip out in space is planned, a lot of knowledge is needed about what is in space. Here you can find both natural satellites, like the moon, and satellites we humans have created to help us on Earth. Start the mission by answering some questions about satellites.

You will find all the answers in chapter 3 of the story.

Questions to answer

  1. What is a satellite?

  2. The Moon is a natural satellite of the Earth. There are other satellites too, ones that people have sent into space. How can satellites be useful?

    3. Air pollution can be seen from some satellites. What is it?

Something to think about

What can we do to reduce eutrophication and algal blooms, but still grow wheat, barley and potatoes?

Math assignment

Plan and create your own game board for your journey to the Moon

The first time that people travelled to the Moon was 1969. That journey was planned thoroughly and carefully, because space travel is not riskfree. Now, your task is to plan your journey from Earth to the Moon.

On this mission, you will code a space game where your space rocket will travel between the Earth and the Moon. Before you start to code, you need to create a game board for your journey.

The math assignment has three levels, decide what suits your class best.

Math assignment – How much does space junk weigh?

Code task

Code your journey to the Moon

Code a space game where your use coordinates from the math assignment to send the spaceship from the Earth to the Moon.